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The Indian thali is a filling array of rich foods placed side by side on a single plate. It is the ideal representation of Indian food. Our Indian thali meal suggestions are incredibly straightforward, filling, and flavorful. The Hindi word “thali” refers to a large, round platter used to serve food. Within the thali are little serving dishes called “Katori,” each holding a dish. We offer a complete meal on this platter for lunch or dinner. Our Thaali’s serving size is adequate for one person; however, you can increase the quantity on order.

The Indian thali at our restaurant consists of a main dish, a side dish (such as roti, naan, chapati, paratha, or boiled rice), a condiment (such as raita, chutney, pickle, salad), and a few other dishes. We offer you many Indian thali ideas for the everyday dinner program. Our thali meal suggestions are healthy and excellent for a family. You can choose from vegetable thalli and non-vegetable thalli as per your taste.

The veg thalli contain tasty and healthy dishes made of fresh vegetables in many ways along with various herbs and spices. However, they are served with many sides. On the other hand, we offer non-veg thalis that contain delicious food prepared with fresh meat and chicken in combination with amazing herbs, spices, and ingredients. This thalli also includes many side dishes that add more to its appeal.