In India, side dishes are extremely important. You are aware that Indian food is incomplete without salt. Similar to this, every meal needs a fantastic side dish. Although they are not given the same prominence as the main course, accompaniments are worthy of the attention we’re going to offer them today. It’s time to acknowledge the power of a single entertaining side dish to elevate an ordinary meal. These dishes are not only fun to prepare but also delicious and simple. Please don’t get too full on them, though, since once you start chewing, you won’t be able to stop.

At the Mountain Village, we offer a diverse range of side dishes along with the main dishes so that you can excellently enjoy your meal. The side dishes enhance your dining experience by adding more to the food taste. Our side dishes menu includes achar, boondi raita, mixed vegetable raita, papadum, salad, and plain dahi. You cannot fully enjoy your meal without ordering any of these side options.

They are freshly made of original yogurt along with healthy and delicious vegetables, salt, and other necessary ingredients. Our vegetable salad is also an amazing and healthy choice you can enjoy with every meal. Freshly chopped veggies and greens are used to make salad, herbs, and spices. Explore our side dish menu and order your favorite one.

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