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In India, bread, naan, roti, or paratha are always served as a side dish with cuisines rather than rice. Even while rice is frequently offered, there’s nothing quite like a hot piece of freshly prepared flatbread for scooping and wiping up a spicy dish—how its food has been consumed in this region for decades. You will become acquainted with excellent Indian bread made of fresh flour and other ingredients at our restaurant.

The most typical bread you’ll encounter at our restaurants is naan, roti, and chapati. Some other remarkable options include bhatura, butter naan, Aloo naan, chicken naan, coconut naan, garlic naan, qeema naan, lacha paratha, makkai roti, paneer naan, onion naan, and more. White flour is used to make the soft, leavened flatbread known as naan, which is usually baked in a tandoor or clay oven. We serve plain naan as well as buttered or stuffed with ingredients like garlic, aloo (potato), or minced mutton (then called keema, or qeema, naan). Of all the common flatbreads, it is the most pillowy and bready.

Pratha is another important Indian bread that we offer. However, paratha differs from naan, roti, and chapati in that it is more of a stand-alone dish than a complement to other cuisines. It is commonly a circular, unleavened flatbread made of wheat flour stuffed with vegetables and/or paneer and served with various accompaniments. Our pratha is fresh and tasty as it is pan-fried and more indulgent.