Which Factors Make Indian Cuisine Good for Health?

Which Factors Make Indian Cuisine Good for Health?

Indian cuisine comes in a variety of forms, tastes, and flavors. However, Indian food is among the world's healthiest due to the range of native foods, spices, and recipes. But recently, Indian cuisine has started to be regarded as unhealthy due to links to foods heavy in sugar and carbohydrates, which can raise cholesterol.

Traditional Indian cuisine is delicious and packed with many health advantages. It provides various health benefits, including brain health, inflammation management, and immunity.

Indian Food Contains Many Grains

India produces large quantities of bajra, nachni, jowar, and several rice grains. Regrettably, eating rice is discouraged in the era of low-carb diets to lose weight. However, people with diabetes can eat rice pounded by hand. Indian cuisine also uses a variety of pulses. In India, combinations like dal rice and rajma rice have long been a favorite. These combinations make the ideal protein meals with all the necessary amino acids.

Indian Thalis are full of Proteins & Nutrition

Each bowl in the traditional Indian thali is small but large in terms of health benefits. It hence consists of a few different kinds of dal, sabzi, some rice, roti, or both. A modest quantity of sweet food is also included in the thali. This thali provides a full meal by providing all necessary nutrients in the proper amount. However, the portions on modern thalis offered in restaurants are substantially larger. All the dishes in the thalis are healthy and tasty, providing an incredible eating experience.

Indian Oils

 In India, there are numerous cooking oils to choose from. Many healthy cooking oil variations are available in India, ranging from coconut and groundnut oil to mustard oil and peanut oil. However, the processing methods used in the former periods were far healthier than those used now. Meals made in these oils make the food healthy while preventing many disorders.

Ginger is Essential in Indian Dishes

Ginger is one of the main active ingredients in this hot root that has been researched for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This is widely used for easing nausea and stomach discomfort. A research article on ginger's ability to lessen pain in various contexts was also done. Almost all Indian dishes include ginger, making them healthy and easy to digest.


Many Indian dishes contain a considerable amount of cumin, making them delicious and healthy. Cumin is a versatile ingredient investigated as a potential weight-loss help. Adding cumin to your diet significantly decreased weight, body mass index, waist circumference, and body fat. Both the seeds and the powdered form of cumin are utilized in Indian cooking. You can add it to veggies, beans, or chili or use it in spice blends.

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